Woman stabbed in possible NC road rage incident

NEWTON, N.C. (WBTV) – Firefighter Bradley Dixon was washing a fire truck at the Propst Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department when a black SUV pulled up and a man jumped out and asked for help.
He said his wife had been stabbed and was in the back seat of their car.
Danny Pennington said it happened just a mile or two away on a roadside. His wife Donna had been stabbed in the ribs.
“It happened so fast,” he said.
Danny told authorities he and his wife were just driving around when a car, believed to be a Honda, pulled up behind him with a woman behind the wheel.
“She almost hit us,” he said.
Pennington said his wife yelled out to the woman in the car behind them and that she stayed behind them.
“I pulled off the road to let her go around, she jumped out, hit my wife in the mouth and stabbed her,” he

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