Woman dragged under truck sues illegal immigrant driver

AUSTIN, TEXAS (KXAN) — A woman dragged for more than a third of a mile, after being hit by a truck, is suing the man accused of hitting her.
Elizabeth English was riding her bicycle in East Austin back on March 29 when she was hit near Airport Boulevard and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. She’s now suing Artemio Gomez Avila and is asking for $1 million in damages.
“My life did not flash before my eyes, but in my head I kept repeating ‘this is not how I die,’” said English at a news conference.
Police say the driver kept going, even though English was trapped underneath. Witnesses reported hearing her screaming as the truck dragged her. English eventually managed to free herself from the truck and fell to the pavement.
“Someone in the neighborhood covered up what was left of me with a blanket,” English said. “I lost my leg and my

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