Warrant: Apex man claimed he accidentally shot wife

APEX, N.C. (WNCN) — Warrants say the teenage daughter of an Apex man charged with murdering his wife initially told a 911 dispatcher her brother had shot their mom.

On Nov. 24, Nadia Maher, 38, was in her home when responding officers found her suffering from a gunshot wound to her stomach. She later died from that wound.

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Apex Police initially investigated the shooting as an accident but later charged Nadia Maher’s husband, Michael Anthony Maher, with her death.


Immediate following the shooting, the Maher’s teenage called 911 and reported her little brother had shot their mother in the stomach, warrants say. While telling the story to the 911 dispatcher again, she said did not witness the shooting but her brother had accidentally shot her mother.

Later, the daughter changed her story and said her father “accidentally picked up the gun and it went off and shot her mother.”

Once officers arrived, they found Michael Maher, 44, kneeling next to his wife who had a piece of cloth over her abdomen, warrants say.

“The male (Michael Maher) was uncooperative and had to be physically removed from the female victim,” the warrant states.

Michael Maher was later questioned by Apex police and told investigators he was moving a shotgun when he accidentally pulled the trigger while checking the gun’s safety.

After being transported to the Apex Police Department, warrants say Michael Maher refused to answer questions and requested a lawyer.

Michael Maher was arrested Nov. 30 and charged with murder.

Warrants also state the Maher’s home on Walden Glade Run was equipped with four surveillance cameras – two outside and two inside.

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