Wake County school board discusses potential cuts

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – The Wake County School Board held a special meeting Tuesday to discuss what might have to cut if the district doesn’t get the full funding requested for from Wake County.
Nothing is set in stone yet because the state and the county still have to finalize budgets. But as it stands, it looks like the school system may fall $11.8 million short in local funding.
Now the board is discussing what could be cut to make up for that shortfall.
The school board asked for $35.7 million from the county for the coming year’s budget. Tim Lavallee with WakeEd Partnership says that was a pretty lean budget to begin with, and was mostly driven by growth and legislative impact.
“Growth meaning there are schools, they’re opening five new schools to accommodate overcrowding and other areas, to accommodate new enrollment. Legislative impact is any changes that are made at the

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