Wake Co. looks for parents like the Marshalls to help foster children

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — As many people prepare to celebrate the holidays with loved ones, there are some children who might not get to experience that same quality time with family.
Wake County has more than three times as many foster children as it does foster homes.
Janiah Finch is one of nearly 700 kids in about 200 foster care families in Wake County.
“I realized I wasn’t so much of what everybody thought I was,” Finch said, explaining foster care has helped and changed her. “Without the foster care system, I would probably be somewhere in the streets or not having a home to live in — struggling.”
The Marshalls, of Raleigh, have taken in 35 kids, many similar to Finch, who is with a different family.
They chose teenagers, who — according to county officials — are the toughest to get into foster homes.
“You’ll have a lot of bad days, but when the

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