VIDEO: Woman dragged off Southwest flight after ‘potential threat’

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (WNCN) — A woman appeared to be dragged off a flight Sunday afternoon after there was a “potential threat,” reports said.

The incident happened on Southwest flight 4519 which was headed from Los Angeles to William P. Hobby Airport in Houston.


However, the pilot diverted to Corpus Christi after “flight attendants notified the captain and first officer of a potential threat in the cabin,” according to a statement from Southwest Airlines.

A passenger apparently became disruptive. Flex ties were used to bind her hands, one photo showed.

The plane landed without incident and local officers met the jet at the gate “and removed the disruptive passenger,” Southwest said in the statement.

Cell phone video taken by a passenger shows a woman dragged by her belt by officers while she is walking backward down an aisle.

The woman did not appear to be lying on the floor of the plane while she was removed.

The woman who captured the cell phone video later said the FBI interviewed several passengers about the woman.

— Information from CBS Newspath

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