VIDEO: NC clerk with knife fights off thief with golf club

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WFMY) —  A North Carolina drive-through convenience store clerk fought back after a man tried to rob his store.

The thief was armed with a golf club, but the clerk had a knife — and it only escalated from there on Wednesday night.

“I pulled the knife out and I was counting on him running. He has a golf club and I have a knife,” recounted Greg Bowen, who works at The Drive Thru store in Thomasville.

But the criminal didn’t run, and Bowen’s night took a turn.


The incident began when the suspected thief ran in and demanded money.

Here is what Bowen said as he watched the security footage of the encounter:

“I told him ‘no,’ and I thought he would run, but he didn’t,” Bowen said as he watched the video.

‘I thought I hit his hand pretty good there, and then I grabbed the club and I hit his hand again, but he was wearing very thick gloves and jacket,” Bowen said.

“We scuffled, and when he came around here, I lost the advantage I had, so, I waited until he got around and until I had a good angle then I hit him with the rack. He grabbed the register and went out the door,” Bowen added.

Bowen says he was calm when it was all happening because he felt in control.

“I knew I had all the advantage. I positioned myself where he couldn’t swing at me and every time he reached I could slash at him,” said Bowen.

When describing the whole experience Bowen wrapped it up like this.

“It’s just something that happened. Like I fell off my bike or, you know,” said Bowen.

As for the suspect, police arrested Brandon Routh and charged him with robbery with a dangerous weapon.

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