Video explodes online of NC mom and son hip-hop dance at school talent show

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV)  — A video of a mother and son dancing in a talent show at a Charlotte high school is going viral after the school posted it to social media.

The video shows Myers Park High School guidance counselor Ginny Jenkins and her son Scott dancing for the talent show Thursday night benefiting Susan G. Komen.

Jenkins says she can’t believe the reaction the video is receiving online.

As of Saturday evening, the video already had more than 235,000 shares, 130,000 interactions and 15,200 comments on the Myers Park High School Facebook page.

The video itself had more than 11 million views.

Jenkins, who has been with Myers Park for ten years, says dancing – specifically hip-hop – has always been a staple in her home. She says she’s enjoyed dancing with both her sons over the years.

That fact is clear when she talks about her sons’ newest project.

Scott and his brother Mark, who go by the hip-hop names Scholar and Mkay, were recently chosen to be on the album “16 Bars 4 Hip Hop.” The album is a charitable music compilation featuring 40 unsigned recording artists from around the world. Only 26 of those artists are from the United States.

So when an opportunity came up for Jenkins and Scott to show off their skills and support the school and good cause, she says it was a no-brainer.

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