VIDEO: Dash cam catches sliding car on ice slamming into police cruiser

PARK HILLS, KY (CNN Newsource/WNCN) – There is some incredible video that should remind drivers just how dangerous roads can be during winter weather.

No one was hurt when a car slid on an icy road Monday in Park Hills, Kentucky.


As the car was traveling along a straight stretch of road, it hit ice and lost control – slamming sideways into a police cruiser.

“Please be aware that even though the road looks clear there may be ice. It is sometimes called black ice,” Park Hills Police Lt. Webster wrote on Facebook.

Police say if the car hadn’t hit the police cruiser, the situation could have actually been worse.

The car could have hit the telephone pole or rolled down the roll, causing serious injuries in the crash along Route 8/River Road.

Police advise drivers to go slowly and leave space between vehicles when driving on roads that could be icy.


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