Use of malware that holds files hostage is spreading fast

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A new type of malware is popping up across the country and it virtually holds your files hostage.
It’s called ransomware and it’s spreading fast.
“I don’t think anybody or any organization is immune to these types of events,” explained Stewart Bradley, vice president of cyber security at SAS.
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It could be a typical work day. You check your email and get an important message from “the boss.”
It’s a link. You better open it. But this time it was a fake.
That’s all a hacker needs to take over your pictures, financial documents, music – you name it.
They encrypt your files, making them useless until you pay to have them unlocked.
Messages will pop up demanding payment for the safe return of your files.
Typically, the ransom demand also includes a “deadline” to pay quickly, often times within 48 hours. The scammers want you to make a

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