Toddler returns home after she’s hit by gunfire near Sampson Co. party

CLINTON, N.C. (WNCN) — The search continues for two men who were involved in a Sampson County shooting that wounded a toddler girl, who is now home from the hospital.


Adaiah Rodriguez, who is 18-months-old, was hit twice when gunmen showed up at a nearby birthday party Sunday night on Bumpy Road in Sampson County, her family and officials say.

The armed men approached another man, who ran from the scene toward his vehicle.

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The two armed men opened fire, but the man they tried to hit got away. Instead, a little girl in a nearby home was wounded by the gunfire, deputies say.

A CBS North Carolina reporter counted eight bullet holes in the home where the girl was shot.

Inside the nearby mobile home was little Adaiah Rodriguez, who was hit by gunfire in her torso.

She was rushed to Sampson Regional Medical Center and then airlifted to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill.


Rodriguez spent two days at the hospital in Chapel Hill and returned home Tuesday night with her family surrounding her.

Rodriguez came home wrapped in a blanket and dressed in a Batgirl costume because her family said she is a superhero after recovering from the shooting.

But, the family says it doesn’t feel like home anymore – as the bullet holes from Sunday’s shooting now line their walls.

“Why would you do that when there is a birthday party here? A  little girl has nothing to do with it and she’s the one that got shot,” said Caroline Reyes who is Rodriguez’s aunt.

Reyes pointed out the bullet holes in her niece’s home.

“You can see the gunshots right here,” Reyes said.

Now Reyes says both her nieces and her son are scared of their own homes.

“They’re a little bit traumatized — my son said he heard the shooting and he said he got scared,” Reyes said.

The family says they want justice for what happened to their little girl.

The Sampson County Sheriff’s Office says both gunmen are still on the loose.

Deputies have not released any possible motive for the shooting or information about the suspects.

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