Tips for donating to assist Harvey survivors

RALEIGH (WNCN) – The images coming out of Texas are heartbreaking. After record-breaking rainfall, many homes and businesses are ruined.

“Right now the people we know are safe, but it sounds like it’s been pretty devastating around them,” Kelly McAlarney, a Raleigh mother said.

McAlarney wants to help but she hasn’t donated just yet.

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“Just kind of waiting to see how it pans out and what the greatest needs are,” McAlarney said.

In the meantime, the American Red Cross is asking for monetary donations.


“These are things that you’re using at the disaster scene of a single-family fire,” Barry Porter with the Triangle Area Chapter of the American Red Cross said.

Porter said toys, food and other supplies collected here would need to be transported to Texas. The conditions are constantly changing on the ground, water is everywhere.

“I would encourage folks first of all to go online and pull up some images of prior events of disaster where large amounts of clothing and large amounts of supplies are rushed into the scene early on. It doesn’t mean it can’t happen later, but it needs to be a coordinated and really disciplined effort,” Porter said.

So how do you know what non-profit to donate to?

“Do the research before giving to any charity and make sure they know who they’re giving to and that they’re actually giving to a legitimate charity and not a scam artist and also know where their funds are going,” Mallory Wojciechowski with the Better Business Bureau said.

The Better Business Bureau also recommends you contact that charity directly and don’t be afraid to ask how much of your money is going to the relief effort.

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