Teachers plan 20 mile march to Raleigh for better school conditions

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Several area teachers are planning a more than 20 mile walk over two days to build awareness to what they say is unfit learning environments for North Carolina students.
“We’ve had enough and they’re not listening so we’re going to make them listen,” said Kristin Beller.
Kristin Beller is a teacher at Millbrook Elementary School in Raleigh.
She plans to march from Durham to Raleigh in June in protest of the State’s support of public schools.
“When we know the reason our schools are not performing as high as they’re expected to is they’ve been stripped of resources,” said Beller.
She says resources include books, pens, pencils; things the teachers have had to start buying out of pocket. Even more than that, Beller said the classroom has become a safe haven for some of the lower income students. She said more resources are needed sometimes just to keep these children clean

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