Supporters of NC classroom size bill to hold rally in Raleigh today

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s been a big story in our state for months – school systems trying to figure out how to deal with potential job cuts caused by caps on classroom size.
A large group will gather at the General Assembly today to let lawmakers know where they stand on the issue.

At least 100 people have committed to coming to a rally outside the legislature this afternoon in favor of House Bill 13.
The bill has already passed unanimously in the House, but the Senate has yet to act on it. The bill would allow schools flexibility in class sizes, which some believe fixes the state’s current law.
Thousands of parents, students and teachers passionate about HB13 started a Facebook group called “Save Our Schools.”
CBS North Carolina spoke to the organizer, who said today they’ll rally in hopes of getting the attention of lawmakers before 5,500 teaching jobs and some school

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