Students in Garner and Durham walk out to support men facing deportation

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — On Thursday, students from Hillside High School in Durham and Garner High School walked out of class in support of two girls whose fathers are set to be deported to Mexico.

Yairi and Stephanie Delgado are cousins.

Later Thursday, some took the protest to Congressman G.K. Butterfield’s office.

Jose and Dario Delgado have been in ICE custody for more than a week.

“People were coming outside and started chanting with us,” said Yairi Delgado.

A spokesperson for ICE says the brothers never had any legal status in the United States. ICE officials say both brothers are still in the U.S. and have not yet been deported to Mexico.

“I’m very worried,” said Stephanie Delgado Garcia. “We don’t know if we’ll be able to be financially stable without my dad.”

The family now calling on Butterfield to make a public statement to help the Delgado brothers.

“My little brother cries asking, ‘Where’s Dad? Are we going to go pick him up?’ It’s sad to see him like that,” said Stephanie. “At night he can’t go to sleep because he’s always crying asking for my dad.”

Jose Delgado’s wife Maria was seen fighting back tears outside the congressman’s office and with the help of a translator she told CBS North Carolina she is praying for mercy, sympathy and justice.

“He is a caring father,” Maria said. “My children have been left without a warm embrace my family now has to think about spending the holidays without their father.”

Three of their children have serious medical conditions that require their mothers to stay home with them while their fathers work.

“I am broken honestly,” Maria said. “This is all very overwhelming and I ask to think about this Christmas because our families will be apart and honestly we would not survive without them.”

CBS North Carolina spoke with ICE officials who say last month an immigration court ruled that the brothers had no legal basis to remain in the United States. The family says they have filed another appeal. We have also reached to the congressman who is currently in Washington D.C., and so far have not heard back.

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