Some Duke students travel to help in search for classmate in Mass.

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The search for the missing Duke student continued Wednesday as his parents spoke out.

Michael Doherty was last seen early Sunday morning in his hometown of Franklin, Massachusetts.

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Michael is a rising junior at Duke, majoring in mechanical engineering. The 20-year-old is also on the school’s club hockey team.

“Michael was smart. He was funny, respectful. Just a fine young man,” said Nancy Doherty, Michael’s mother.


Police said Michael was at a friend’s party and decided to walk home. It was about a mile, it was raining and dark. Friends said his cell phone wasn’t charged.

“He was fine. I mean he was coherent. He was talking,” a friend said.

Police and volunteers searched a swampy area near that home. Police said Michael may have tried to cut through the area, which is four- to five-feet deep in spots.

On Monday, police found Michael’s shirt and two sneakers in that swamp.

Some of Michael’s friends from Duke have made their way to Franklin, Massachusetts and are helping in the search.

“He has a great group of friends. A lot of them are here. They’ve come, they’ve traveled. They’ve been with us waiting,” Doherty said.

Nancy Doherty explained that her son had always wanted to go to Duke.

“He’s got more Duke clothing than I could ever see in my life. He just loved it,” Doherty said.

Police and volunteers are expected to resume the search at first light Thursday.

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