Shooting scare prompts lockouts at Durham schools

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Four Durham Public Schools were on lockout Friday after reports of a possible shooting nearby.

This makes a total of seven schools in Durham on lockout since the mass school shooting in Florida Wednesday.

Hillside High School was one on lockout Friday.

During a lockout, nobody comes in and nobody goes out.

Several parents were rushing to the school to pick up their children, fearing a repeat of what happened in Florida.

“My heart breaks,” said Kaaren Haldeman, a mother of three Durham Public Schools students. ”My heart breaks for those kids and their parents.”

She’s also part of Moms Demand Action, a group that supports tighter gun control.

She’s tired of the school shootings.

“I’m not numb,” she said. “I’m not numb. I’m angrier and angrier and it makes me more and more motivated to change what’s happening in this country.”

DPS says it’s upgrading security at schools across the district. More than $1 million will go to adding or upgrading security cameras at about two dozen schools.

More than $3 million will go to creating security vestibules at nearly 50 schools that would reduce the chance of any direct access to students if a dangerous person enters the school.

District officials say they’re trying to keep schools as safe as possible.

“On a daily bases we continue to look at our procedures, our policy, and each of our schools to do everything that we can,” said Tina Ingram, the director of security with DPS.

“People should take security measures in their own schools based on their community’s responses and their needs and their concerns and how they view the issue,” said Haldeman.

The Moms Demand Action group will meet Saturday in Durham to discuss their next steps moving forward.

Click here for more information on that meeting.

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