Search parties looking for missing teens find ‘Stranded Walking’ written in snow

TOOELE, Utah (KUCW) — Police, family, and friends of two missing teens came together Friday to form search parties in an effort to find the teens.

The family of Breezy Otteson, 17, and Riley Powell, 18 say the couple hasn’t been heard from since Dec. 30.

Those who know them best stress how uncharacteristic this is for the two of them. They told News4Utah Powell likes to go off-roading and they believe something might have gone wrong.

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They say Otteson and Powell left Tooele on New Year’s Eve around 9 a.m. They were headed to Eureka, where Otteson lives, through Spanish Fork in a 1999 blue Jeep Cherokee.

Because the teens could be anywhere in between destinations, search parties were formed in Tooele and Juab County Friday morning.

A family member told kucw a crew looking for the teens Friday found writing in the snow that said “Stranded Walking.” Police were unable to confirm or deny that information, but the family says that’s where they will be focusing search efforts for now.

Police say there has been no internet, cell phone, or financial activity from either of the teens.

Anyone who might have been in the area during that time is asked to call 801-419-2050 or 385-505-3972.


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