Rocky Mount mom says son ‘wrongfully suspended’ still not allowed back in class

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WNCN) — The mom of a Rocky Mount Middle School student says the school district continues to refuse to let her child back into classes after she says she can prove he was wrongfully suspended.

Last month, CBS North Carolina first reported the story of a 14-year-old suspended for 10 days for using drugs at Rocky Mount Middle School.

Dashema Bandy says her son Timothy Richardson was wrongfully suspended, but she says she has proof.

EARLIER: Mom says drug test proves her son was wrongfully suspended from Rocky Mount school

Bandy took her son to LabCorp the day of his suspension for a drug test. The LabCorp results show Richardson tested negative for drugs across the board.

When she presented the findings to the school, she says the district refused to let her son back into class.


“Why was my son wrongfully suspended? Why will the school board, or the school itself not give him a verbal apology for accusing him of doing something he didn’t do? And why is my son not allowed back into the school system?” asked Bandy.

It’s been nearly two weeks since Bandy’s son’s suspension. She says the district won’t budge on letting her child back into school

“They don’t say anything. They’re not accepting the documents. I even have workers, who work with LabCorp, who are willing to write statements,” said Bandy.

Bandy says the district will not even allow her to appeal the suspension.

CBS North Carolina did some digging and discovered a Nash-Rocky Mount School policy which states, “a student is not entitled to appeal the principal’s decision to impose a short-term suspension to either the superintendent or the board unless it is appealable on some other basis”

CBS North Carolina reached out to school officials for answers when the story first aired, including the entire board of education. No one answered.

Monday, we emailed the board once again, as well as the superintendent, Shelton Jefferies, and heard nothing. So CBS North Carolina went to the Nash-Rocky Mount School board meeting and spoke to Jeffries, board chair Wendy Wilson, and the entire board in person. However, no school officials would speak about the situation.

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