Retake: Armadillo Grill, A Tex-Mex Classic That’s Still Chugging Along

Front of Armadillo Grill in Raleigh- NC Triangle DiningWhen you think of Mexican food, you’ve got a lot of choices in Raleigh: Chuy’s, Cantina 18, Centro along with Jose & Sons to name a few. But before ALL those other places existed, Armadillo Grill has been around serving up its Tex-Mex for years. With locations in Carrboro and Raleigh, I’ve known about and eaten at the Dillo since I first arrived in the Triangle back in 2005. But like all stand-bys, they sometimes get forgotten. So I decided to go back for a re-visit since I had a hankering for some queso!
Ordering area at Armadillo Grill in Raleigh- NC Triangle DiningLocated on the busy S. Glenwood corridor, Armadillo Grill sports a small fenced in patio up front. Inside you’ll find an order area with posted menus, pads of order sheets along with some special combos. Choose a taco (steak, chicken, chili, beans-cheese, guacamole) with any combo of toppings you’d like (peppers, onions, lettuce, tomato, beans, cheese, guacamole). Note that each topping is an additional charge-up from .05 (lettuce, tomato) to .30 (sour cream). I order up two soft tacos (chicken, chili) and add in a basket of chips and queso.

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