Raleigh swim school uses unique way to teach kids how to swim

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – May is National Drowning Prevention Month and a local swimming school is taking a unique approach on how to keep your child safe while in the water this summer.
Instructors at Aqua Tots in Raleigh keep young swimmers in their street clothes to help them learn to swim and to keep them from drowning.
“Should a kid every fall in with their clothes on, they know what to do, know that it’s not that much different, but it can be a different experience,” said Andrew George, Aqua Tots owner.
If a child falls into the water with their clothes on, it can take twice as long to get to the surface.
Nancy Reyes says her 4-year-old Maddie takes lessons at Aqua Tots.
“She is a very busy child, and loves the water and I want her to be safe,” Reyes said.
Although the kids, like Maddie, think they are being silly jumping

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