Raleigh lawyer accused of stealing wallet is ‘smallest part of the story,’ attorney says

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The attorney for the lawyer accused of stealing cash from a wallet at the Wake County Courthouse says the incident caught on camera is “the smallest part of the story.”

Bill Young is representing Steven Patrick MacGilvray after he was charged with felony larceny.

Someone dropped the wallet near the security checkpoint at the courthouse, authorities said. According to an arrest warrant, it contained $1,600 in cash. But officials say that when MacGilvray, who was caught on video picking up the wallet, turned it in, it contained no cash.

“As damning as that information looks, it’s only part of the story,” Young said. “It’s probably the smallest part of the story. There’s a much bigger part.”

MacGilvray was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday but only Young showed up.

“This will be resolved very favorably and very quickly,” Young said.

According to Young, the victim will be paid back in full Wednesday.

MacGilvray is still allowed to practice law, Young said. The Coolidge Law Firm in Raleigh listed MacGilvray as an associate on its website, but as of Tuesday evening, he was no longer mentioned.

MacGilvray is expected back in court in March.



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