Raleigh carjacking victim relieved after suspect nabbed in Durham

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Police say the hunt is over for the man accused of robbing four businesses and carjacking a Wake County woman at gunpoint.

CBS North Carolina was the first to speak with that woman right the suspect was captured.


Durham police caught James Bloodworth late Saturday night at the 2100 block of Liberty Street. He was driving a stolen black Nissan SUV, according to police.

Authorities say he didn’t stop when officers tried to pull him over, and he later jumped out of the SUV and ran.

Bloodworth was arrested on charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm by a felon, and for fleeing arrest.

“I felt overwhelmed this morning when I heard, but I feel relieved that they have him in custody and I feel safe now to leave my home,” said Lori.

CBS North Carolina spoke with Lori on Friday, just hours after Bloodworth had had a gun pointed at her hip.

“In my tizzy, I guess I wasted some time, looked back at him, moved a little bit, grabbed my purse I said but wait but wait and he said ‘you need to back up ma’am or I’ll kill you right here’,” Lori told CBS North Carolina on Friday.

She said that the suspect also told her “Don’t call 911. Don’t call the cops you better walk now.”

Now she’s feeling relieved.

“I couldn’t even think, couldn’t even talk, couldn’t even speak, just relieved, just happy that it happened and hoping that they’ll get anybody else like that off the roads,” Lori said.

The carjacking isn’t the only crime police believe Bloodworth committed. They also think he robbed four Raleigh businesses; a Circle K, Ibeauty, CVS and Avent Ferry Cleaners.

“Lock him up and throw the key away,” Lori said on Friday. “He doesn’t deserve to be out there, I’m sorry. There’s no reason for him to be walking the streets because it’s gonna happen again. He’s not gonna stop. He’s a felon. He got a gun this time. Somebody else is going to give him a gun.”

Lori says so far she hasn’t gone back to work and at this point she’s not sure when she will.

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