Raleigh apartment residents irate after days without water

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Some residents of the Governor’s Point Apartments in Raleigh say they’ve been without water since Monday morning, and many of them are fed up. Some even posted signs around the complex.

“These conditions are kind of unlivable,” said Governor’s Point resident Robert.

On Monday morning, the water was shut off at the complex because of a plumbing upgrade mandated by the city of Raleigh.

Residents are angry, and protest signs have been put up at the complex. (Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina)

“It’s been really tough, and quite frankly it’s embarrassing to add to it,” Robert said.

Ana De La Rosa says a boil water advisory was issued by the complex Tuesday and as far as she knows it hasn’t been lifted. When her water finally turned on this morning she said, “It was yellowish, it was foul smelling, it was really nasty.”

Ed Buchanan, Environmental Coordinator with the city’s utility department, said the city notified the complex in February that it needed to fix its back flow system because it failed inspection. He said the device prevents water contamination in situations where a water main breaks. He said the complex decided to replace it rather than repair it and ran into some unforeseen problems.

Northland Investment Corporation represents Governor’s Point and sent us a statement Wednesday. It reads, in part, “Currently, water service has been restored to three-quarters of our apartments. We are working closely with our contractor and expect that the issue will be resolved this afternoon for all residents.”

Northland Investment Corporation apologized and said they have been delivering bottled water to affected residents.


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