Rabid raccoon attacks dog, whose owner then kills raccoon in Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A dog was attacked by a rabid raccoon and the raccoon was then killed by the dog’s owner in Raleigh last week, police say.
The incident happened on Thursday in the backyard of a residence in the 5300 block of Woodsdale Road.
The dead raccoon was transported to a lab, where it tested positive for rabies, according to Raleigh Police.
The dog’s rabies vaccination was current, and its owner was provided with counseling concerning appropriate steps that should be taken, police said.
Police said that unusual behavior or other concerns about animals in Raleigh should be reported immediately by calling 919-831-6311.
Wake County health officials provide the following general tips to help minimize rabies risks:
Residents should not approach animals that they do not know.
• Residents should ensure their pets have a current rabies vaccination. If a pet is allowed outside, a booster vaccine is recommended. Outdoor pets should be kept inside

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