Proposed group would try to bridge divide over HB2

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Some Republicans and Democrats are coming together to try to bridge the divide over the controversial House Bill 2.
Former State Budget Director Art Pope, a Republican, and former Lt. Governor Dennis Wicker, a Democrat, are organizing a working group of people representing various sides of the HB2 debate.
The divide is great however as some believe people should be able to choose which public bathroom to use while others believe people should only go to the restroom that corresponds with their biology. Also, some agree with parts of HB2 and not others, like the inability to sue for discrimination in North Carolina courts and the inability of towns to set their own minimum wages.
“The notion is not necessarily to get everybody to agree on everything. That seems impossible,” said John Hood, who is the president of the Pope Foundation and chairman of the John Locke Foundation. “But

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