Overgrown ditches, ‘Mow ditches, get stitches’ sign lead police to suspected pot grow

BLOOMFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – What started as a Trumbull County man’s demand that the Ohio Department of Transportation not trim the ditches in his yard ended in a pot bust, according to a drug task force.

ODOT workers were trimming cattails in ditches in the 2100 block of State Route 87 in Bloomfield Tuesday morning.

Capt. Tony Villanueva, commander of the Trumball Ashtabula Group task force, said workers found several signs warning them not to maintain the growth, including one that read “Mow ditches, get stitches.”


The workers called the Ohio State Highway Patrol, whose troopers smelled marijuana in the area and saw a suspected pot plant.

Highway Patrol called the task force, and investigators then got a search warrant. Officers found 11 one-gallon buckets full of suspected marijuana, they said.

They also found eight guns, 25 large plastic containers of suspected marijuana, 29 plants growing inside the house, and they pulled at least 19 plants out of land on his property, according to authorities.

No charges have been filed yet because law enforcement is waiting for the plants to dry out and be sent to a lab to be weighed.

The search was a joint effort between Highway Patrol’s strategic response team, the task force, and the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office, which brought a drone out to assist.

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