NYPD cop in hot water after pulling gun on bystander in video

NEW YORK (CBS News/AP) – A New York City police officer shown on video pointing his gun at a bystander who was filming a police encounter has been stripped of his gun and badge.
The incident happened Thursday at a public housing complex in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood.
A video posted on Facebook shows two officers struggling with a man on the floor when one of them orders bystanders to move back. The video shows the officer then pulling out his gun and shouting, “I’m not playing.”
Ronnie Pinkerton Jr. was in the crowd that witnessed the incident. He told CBS New York the crowd believed the officer was using excessive force.
“He has him in a headlock between his legs, so his head is in between his legs, and he’s kind of like squeezing, so as he’s doing that, he’s telling us to back up. But you’re overreacting, you’re using too much physical strength

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