Nevermind. NC sheriff changes his mind about retiring

Moore County Sheriff Neil Godfrey announced today that he has changed his mind and will not retire.
Earlier this month Godfrey, 65, said that he would retire at the end of the month after 43 years in law enforcement serving the county and the state. He had said he wanted to spend more time devoted to family and church.
But today, in a statement, he said he had consulted with others and gave his planned retirement more serious consideration.
“I look forward to continuing to serve the citizens of Moore County as their sheriff,” Godfrey said. “I am dedicated to the mission of keeping Moore County safe and secure for everyone.”
In March, the Moore County District Attorney’s office asked the SBI to investigate the sheriff’s son Brent Godrey, a former deputy accused of being intoxicated while on duty. The sheriff’s office is accused on knowing about the situation and not investigating it.

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