NC school system tightens reins on ‘tight-fitting pants’

BOLIVIA, N.C. (WECT) – Students in Brunswick County may only wear tight-fitting stretch pants under skirts, dresses and shirts that reach to the mid-thigh area during the 2016-17 school year, the school system announced on Friday.
Mid-thigh also is the standard acceptable length for all shorts, skirts and dresses in the school system’s updated dress code policy.
“Why ‘mid-thigh?” This standard takes into account the unique body type of every student in our system versus the old policy language of ‘4 inches above the knee’ which is quite different when applied to individuals of varying heights,” BCS officials stated in a release. “Administrators believe this standard will be easier to enforce and communicate to students.”
According to officials, pants with holes in them will be permitted as long as the holes fall below ‘mid-thigh.’
The new dress code also permits tank tops as long as they comply with the other requirements in the policy.

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