NC parents, teachers and students rally to keep classes from being cut

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — While smaller classes for kids may sound like a good idea, some parents say there’s a major problem with how the state is going about it.
They held a rally Wednesday trying to get the Senate to act now on House Bill 13.
It passed unanimously earlier this year and gives school districts more flexibility.

That would help them keep more specialists like arts and music teachers as they meet state requirements on smaller class sizes at the K-to-3 level.
Just as people were rallying outside the General Assembly, a Senator told CBS North Carolina a fix is coming.
But, he was short on details and educators say they’re short on time.
Children and their parents made signs and made their pleas.
“I hope to be a musician when I get older, and music class is so important to me,” said Maggie Fewkes, a student
Fewkes was outside the legislature with a couple hundred

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