NC man wins lottery for third time in two years

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WFMY) – Ralph Havis may be one of the luckiest men in Greensboro.
The North Carolina Education Lottery says Havis, who owns a local restaurant called Beef Burger, has won his third big lottery prize after playing 100X The Cash scratch off game.
This is Havis’ third big lottery win in two years, and the second in less than a month This time, he won a huge prize
“I am thrilled to announce that Mr. Havis has won $1 million,” said a spokesperson for the NC Education Lottery.
Havis won $1 million at the same store where he won the last two times.
When asked what his secret is, Havis’ answer was simple: “I just try to get the winning cards,” said Havis.
Havis says he coudn’t believe his eyes when he scratched the ticket.
“I scratched it and said $1 million on it and I shook it and I said ‘Oh my God,’” said

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