NC man: Mother’s purse stolen after being hit, killed by SUV

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – Family members of a woman hit and killed in an accident in Wilmington are frustrated and angry.
Virginia Sorbino (left) pictured with her family. (Source: Micheal Sorbino)Virginia Sorbino, 53, died May 6, when a driver lost control of his SUV, and hit her at the intersection of Dawson and Tenth streets.
Christopher Bowden, 54, is charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.
Micheal Sorbino, Virginia’s son, said his mother was victimized again that day.
Micheal believes someone took his mother’s purse from the scene after she was hit and killed. Her purse contained her ID, money and keys.
“I am sure that had she not been robbed, I would have been notified sooner of her death,” said Micheal. “How can someone be so coldhearted? They saw that she was dead, took the keys to her apartment and stole from her.”
Once Wilmington Police notified Michael that his mother had been killed, he

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