NC husband and wife save man from submerged car

SHALLOTTE, N.C. (WECT) — A Shallotte couple spotted a car submerged in a canal and their quick actions saved the driver trapped inside.
CLICK FOR MORE PHOTOS OF THE RESCUETerry and Julie Sayer were driving along Highway 9 in South Carolina Saturday afternoon when they came across debris from a crash and noticed the vehicle in the water.
“I pulled over, got out, ran over there and jumped into the water,” Terry Sayer said. “The car started sinking more and it was getting over [the driver’s] head.”
Terry said he reached in through the back window to free the driver from his seat belt.
“He grabbed me by the arm and as the car was going down,” Terry said. “I started yelling ‘Help! Help me! Help me!’”
Julie was on shore and heard the fear in her husband’s voice. She flagged dozens of drivers down on the highway.

The group attached a chain to the car

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