More than 180 Wake County schools back in session today

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — More than 180 Wake County school are back in session Monday as traditional calendar schools start their new school year.

There are several changes this year as more than 160,000 students return to school.

The first change — lunch prices are increasing. At elementary schools, they’re going up 10 cents to $2.35 and the prices is rising 10 cents to $2.60 at middle schools.


For the first time ever, Wake County is offering GPS tracking to let parents know when their child’s school bus will arrive.

Also, when it comes to bus tagging, all elementary school students will now be indentification tagged. Previously, only pre-K and first graders were tagged.

Students are asked to arrive at the bus stop about 15 minutes early and drivers are reminded to be alert as school buses will be back on the roads.

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