Moore County deputies use drones on routine basis

CARTHAGE, N.C. (WNCN) – The Moore County Sheriff’s Office is on the forefront of technology aimed at helping deputies do their job.
The sheriff’s office is one of the first to use drones on a routine basis.

The $1,500 drones were purchased with confiscated drug money. Deputies have two of the drones at their disposal.
Lt. Tim Davis is the sheriff’s office’s chief drone pilot.
“It’s uses are unlimited as far as search and rescue for older adults and children,” Davis said. “We are using them for search warrants.”
The sheriff’s office has already used its drones to help take criminals off the street.
“We have used it into drug cases – one involving 250 grams of heroin – the other involving street-level drug activity,” said Sheriff Neil Godfrey.
The drones can’t be used to spy on people; that’s illegal.
“You have to use it for specific purposes. To patrol an area you have to have a search

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