Mint Ginger Mojito

 I’ve already posted a classic mojito recipe on here, but they are a little time consuming to make for parties because you have to make them a glass at a time for guests.  I liked this recipe because it made a punch bowl full (or pitcher) so guests could serve themselves.  I had these at my birthday party along with a couple other adult beverages, and I ran out of these fast.  If you’re not a ginger fan, you could just leave out the ginger juice for a more classic mojito.BalaboostaIngredients8 cups store bought limeade (I used two bottles of Trader Joe’s sparkling limeade)2 cups light rum1/3 cup ginger juice (recipe follows)1/2 cup mint syrup (recipe follows)leaves from 1 bunch of fresh mintice 3-4 limes, slicedDirections1. Combine the limeade, rum, ginger juice, and mint syrup in a large punch bowl, then give it a quick stir.  Take the mint leaves and roll them around in your hands a few times to release their oils.  Then simply drop them into the punch bowl and add some ice cubes and the lime slices.2.  You can provide extra mint in a glass of water and lime slices on a plate near the punch bowl

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