Mexican soccer player beats up kidnapper to free himself

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Mexico (AP) — Caught in a real-life win-or-lose challenge, soccer forward Alan Pulido overpowered a kidnapper, freed himself and then called police for help — a dramatic tale that shows how tough the professional player is, or how incompetent his abductors were.
One thing the story does show is how dangerous Pulido’s home state of Tamaulipas is. Stretching south from Mexico’s border with southern Texas, Tamaulipas has long been plagued by warring drug cartels and ineffectual police.
Indeed, Pulido’s biggest worry was that police officers sent to his rescue might shoot him.
“He is asking that we tell the police that the caller is alone, with the kidnapper, don’t confuse him with the kidnapper,” according to a police report describing his 911 call obtained by The Associated Press on Monday. “They are shooting into the house, don’t get him by accident.”
Pulido had been abducted late Saturday by four gunmen, then about

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