Marijuana funds aiding Colorado homeless community

PUEBLO, Colo. (KXRM) — In a unanimous decision on Wednesday, the Pueblo County Commissioners approved a measure to use marijuana funds to help the city’s homeless community.
A $25,000 grant is being awarded to the Pueblo Area Law Enforcement Chaplain’s Corporation, who will use the money to provide free bus and motel vouchers for the homeless to use to return to where they came from.
The grant is being funded by revenue from fines against licensed marijuana businesses.
“With the funding, that’s the way for them to get home because a lot of people want to go home,” said John Bobian, an employee with the Pueblo Rescue Mission and a former homeless man.
Bobian was living on the streets until he decided to take a job with the Pueblo Rescue Mission.
“It’s something that we can really use because you know a lot of these people here don’t have a way for transportation to go

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