Legally blind Wisconsin mom will see her six kids for the first time

COLEMAN, Wisc. (WBAY) – New technology in the form of glasses is helping the blind to see.
eSight eyewear uses a small, high-speed camera to capture live video and magnify it exponentially to a screen directly in front of the user’s eyes.
Crystal Ives is hoping to be able to see her six children for the first time (WBAY)Though it’s expensive, a mother to six kids in Coleman hopes the invention will let her see their faces for the very first time.
“I would love to read to my children. My mom did that when we were growing up,” Crystal Ives said. “I mean just the whole thought of it  is so overwhelming— to be able to see faces again.”
Ives assumed she’d never see again after losing her vision at the age of eight to a condition called Stargardt— and is unable to see anything that’s not directly in front of her eyes.

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