Jury finds Eric Campbell guilty of first-degree murder

OXFORD, N.C. (WNCN) – A jury has found Eric Campbell guilty of two counts of first-degree murder following a three-week break in deliberations.

Campbell was found guilty of killing Dora and Jerome Faulkner in their Oxford home on Jan. 1, 2015.

Campbell and his father, Edward Campbell, were both charged with murdering the Faulkners.

Edward Campbell committed suicide in prison.

Eric Campbell faced a total of seven charges and was found guilty of all seven.

Deliberations were put on hold after juror No. 3 first asked to be excused and was later involved in a traffic collision.

She said she could not evaluate the case.

On Monday, the defense asked that juror No. 3 be removed but that motion was denied.

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During the trial, Eric Campbell testified saying his father was respondible for the Faulkner’s deaths.

Police said 62-year-old Dora and 73-year-old Jerome were killed as Eric and Edward Campbell went on a crime spree spanning several states.


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