Juju Asian Tapas and Bar

So it turns out Durham was longing for Asian tapas. Since it opened a few months ago, JuJu has pretty much been reservations required every night of the week. Don’t make the mistake of trying to stroll in for a table on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. The bar seems to calm down around 8:30 pm. Before it opened, there were plans for a dim sum cart and cocktail cart, but I’m guessing with the crowds the carts have been put on hold. Also because of the crowds and the nature of tapas, even with a reservation you may end up waiting for your table. Both times we’ve stopped in we’ve waited 20 minutes beyond our reservation time to be seated.
I’m not a huge fan of the decor as it feels a bit like walking into a chain restaurant on Glenwood South in Raleigh. Not sure why, but between the heavily manned hostess stand, the backlit rotating pictures above the bar and the large leather booths – I’d like a little more laid-back cool of somewhere like the Lantern than this over stylized space. It’s also incredibly loud. But none of that really matters – what matters is the food.
And the food at JuJu is pretty much fantastic. We’ve had the brussel sprouts (roasted crisp with peanuts with dried apricots), kale salad (least favorite dish, skip it and wait for kale at Pizzeria Toro), pork dumplings (solid), Juju bolognese (excellent flat rice noodles tossed with braised pork), pork buns (rivaled Momofuku), Shrimp

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