How to save some money on your cell phone bill

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Your cellphone bill can be one of the most expensive bills you pay every month — especially if you’re using a smartphone.

Carriers make you pay all kinds of data and usage fees for smartphones.

But, you save might just be able to save some money on that cell phone bill with a little bit of research in the right place.

As we depend on our mobile devices more and more to help us do everything, we fall more and more in love with them.


But, we don’t necessarily love the cell phone bills that come with that convenience.

“It’s defiantly something that cuts into your pocket at the end of the month,” says Christian Lenoir, of Raleigh.

Colton Palmer is also frustrated with his high cell phone bill. He’s got several lines, including one he uses for business.

“It’s a very big bill. I’m not getting the bang for the buck I thought I should be,” he said.

One of the biggest bugaboos is paying for Data usage.

Before you can cut your bill, you must figure out is how much data your favorite activities are using.

Let’s use one gigabyte of data as our benchmark for this report.

How much can you do with that? Depends on what you’re doing.

You’ll use a gigabyte a month:

  • Reading 1,000 web pages.
  • Sending or receiving 50,000 emails
  • Watching 8 hours of You Tube videos
  • Posting 2,800 photos on Facebook
  • Streaming 33 hours of music

So you can see, your activities determine how much data usage you should pay for.

Experts say your current rate plan may have been a good deal once but not anymore.

“A family should be looking at their cell phone plans on a yearly basis maybe even sooner, says of the Chicago based Citizen’s Utility Board.

Although looking for a better rate plan based on your usage is a great idea, the average person doesn’t have the time to trek around town looking for rate plan deals. So, we’ve found a couple of websites that can help you out.

They are and

Both sites will offer comparisons between carriers and rate plans based on your personal usage parameters.

Once you access either site, put in your information like how many lines you have, how many talk minutes you want, your current carrier and network and the websites do the math for you and give you options.

Play around with various combinations of data, talk and messaging to see what might work best for you.

But remember, make sure you choose a carrier that has good coverage in your area.

It makes no sense to get a better rate if you can’t use your phone because your network is unavailable in the area you primarily spend time in.

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