Horrible, Horrible Teachers??

It has to have something to do with the folks who are drawn to teach high school.  The elementary school teachers our family has encountered have been wonderful.  The middle school teachers as well.  And now that we’ve gotten through a semester of college, it seems that the only ones with the problems are that dag burned senior high bunch.  Somewhere around 9th or 10th grade, the people leading my children in their classrooms change.  It happened with DJ, and now it is happening to Stephanie.  Poor souls.
These people are apparently, “trying to kill” my kids.
I’m not clear on the method, but upon entering high school, almost daily, and for nearly four years without ceasing, a child at my dinner table informs me that at least one, and often more, of their teachers, are “TRYING TO KILL” them.
I am dismayed to discover that not only are they trying to get rid of my children, but they are also doing the same to EVERY other kid at their school.  This is a cruel group of adults.
“EVERYONE IS FLUNKING MATH,” I am told when my child confesses to a less than worthy grade.
School administrators should really do something about that.
“Is Ashley flunking too?” I inquire.
“Dad, SHE’S a genius!  But EVERYONE else is FLUNKING!  I know I only got a 73 on the test, but Ann Marie got a 62!”
“I’m so proud.  You weren’t the very worst.”
“Oh, and EVERY girl in that class has a tutor.”
“Mmm.  Well I saw Grace’s mom the other day, and she didn’t mention a tutor.”
“Well, I’m not sure about Grace, but EVERYONE else does.”
“Does Sarah?”
“I DON’T KNOW ABOUT SARAH!!  But Lilly does.”
“So how many girls are in the class?”
“Like 18.”
“So out of 18, you are firmly aware that one has a tutor?  That is like 5%.”
“I’m sure there are

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