Homeowner says Raleigh should help with Crabtree Creek

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — In Raleigh, some of the folks who were flooded the worst this week deal with some kind of flooding just about every time there’s a big rain.
The city says these residents either live in a flood plain or near a water source, and an overflow of water in these areas is natural.
Resident Shari Davis says there’s a bigger problem. Davis lives right next to an overflow pond for Crabtree Creek.
“Over the course of the years it just seems as though that area, the water just keeps creeping closer and closer,” said Davis of the pond.
The water still has not reached normal levels from this week’s rain, turning Davis’ garden into a swimming hole for geese. The water didn’t stop there either.
“If your car was parked here, your car would get flooded,” said Davis as she stood in her driveway.
Davis’ basement was half filled with water. She

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