Hidden dangers of electrocution around docks and boats

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) – A relaxing day on the boat and water could turn fatal in a matter of seconds. For many, electric shock drowning is a term they may not have heard of, but one they should pay attention to.
ESD may be to blamed for dozens of what appears to be bizarre drownings across the country in recent years. It is one reason why many docks and marinas ban swimming.
“When several boats get together, they can pass current back and forth and create a really unsafe field, and a really unsafe area to swim in,” said Bobby Schultz, marina manger at the Beaufort Yacht Basin.
Whether it is a new or old boat, all can leak electrical currents into the water. The risk is increased when you plug your boat into the dock for charging.
But many may not know the risks until it is too late because the electric currents

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