Group devastated after 80 bikes for needy children are stolen in Moore County

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. (WNCN) — The founder of Project Santa in Southern Pines is devastated by the theft of at least 80 bicycles that he had worked all year to fix up to give to needy kids next week.
The bikes were stolen late Christmas Day while they were stored in a trailer parked in a Southern Pines shopping mall.
Earlier on Christmas Day, needy children were given some of the bicycles in that store parking lot.
Earl Wright of Project Santa says the thieves broke into the trailer and pulled at least 80 reconditioned bikes from the trailer so they could reach newer 80 or so bikes which were stored deeper inside.
He says some of the reconditioned bikes discarded by thieves were broken and damaged during the theft and will have to be repaired before January 1, which is just days away.
As a result, Wright says, he and volunteers will now have to

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