Greensboro Police foil bank robbery, solve 2 others; 2 Durham men, 2 others arrested

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WFMY) – Police in Greensboro have four men in custody who are being accused of attempting to rob a bank.
They say they’ve also connected the men to two other bank robberies in the city.
Officers foiled the robbery Thursday morning after learning the men who fit the description of suspects in some previous bank robberies were planning to rob the Wells Fargo Bank on Battleground Avenue, police confirmed. According to investigators, when the suspects arrived at the bank, around 10:40am, officers in unmarked cars surrounded and arrested them.
Detectives said as part of their crime spree the men were stealing cars, using them when they committed crimes and then abandoned them. However, the car the men were in for the attempted robbery on Battleground Avenue belonged to one of the suspects, police said.
The suspects have been charged in connection to the April 29 robbery of Wells Fargo Bank on Pisgah

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