Goldsboro woman pretended to urinate in order to hide crack cocaine, officers say

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — A Goldsboro woman faces two drug charges after trying to hide crack cocaine and marijuana from deputies during a traffic stop, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said.


Authorities were patrolling around U.S. Route 70 East in Goldsboro on Saturday when they stopped a vehicle because it was believed the driver may have been driving under the influence, the sheriff’s office said.

Officers went up to the vehicle and noticed that a distinct smell of alcohol was coming from inside the vehicle. They spoke with the driver, Krystal Bryant, 32, and asked if she had been drinking. Bryant told them no and at that point, officers asked her to step out of the vehicle. Bryant was given an alco sensor test, which tested positive for alcohol in her system, but she was below the legal limit, the sheriff’s office said.

Officers then asked Bryant for permission to search her vehicle, which she granted. Officers found an open container of alcohol in the vehicle, which her passenger claimed as their own. Officers were then given permission to perform a search of the passenger.

While patting down the passenger, officers noticed an “attitude change” in Bryant and the passenger, who both claimed they “needed to use the restroom and [were] about to urinate on themselves,” the sheriff’s office said. They told officers they would use the vehicle as cover to urinate.


Both Bryant and the passenger quickly walked back towards the vehicle and began removing their pants to urinate, according to the sheriff’s office. The passenger squatted next to Bryant and started to urinate. Bryant acted as though she was going to urinate beside a guard rail, but “also demonstrated actions of trying to conceal contraband within the roadside dirt area,” the sheriff’s office said.

Officers asked Bryant what she was doing and she immediately pulled out a marijuana blunt from her bra and handed it to officers. She was then arrested due to her actions. Crack cocaine was then found where Bryant was seen trying to conceal something in the dirt, according to the sheriff’s office.

Bryant was charged with possession with intent to sell/deliver cocaine and possession of less than one half ounce of marijuana. She was taken to the Wayne County Jail and given a $2,500 secured bond.

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