Georgia approves $7.5M for joint seaport with South Carolina

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — The Georgia Ports Authority approved $7.5 million on Monday for the first big steps toward building a new seaport terminal on the Savannah River, to be operated jointly with South Carolina.
Both states have spent years discussing, studying and debating the proposed $4.5 billion Jasper Ocean Terminal, which would occupy 1,500 acres in Jasper County, South Carolina, not far from downtown Savannah. South Carolina is expected to commit its $7.5 million share, and together that money will be spent preparing for the required permits over the next three years.
“It’s a huge step,” said Curtis Foltz, executive director of the Georgia Ports Authority. “This gets a very important phase of the project going forward. It’s a strong voice of confidence.”
A joint board overseeing the project already asked the Army Corps of Engineers to begin the permitting process for construction at the site as well as widening and deepening

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